Master’s Degree

Examination matters

The Examination Committee

The examination committee consists of professors, academic staff and students. It decides on the interpretation of the examination regulations and deals with cases that may not be provided for or covered by the regulations.

Contact the examination committee if something unforeseen happens in your studies, such as a long illness or problems during exams. The committee can (of course only in truly exceptional situations) grant special permission and create special arrangements for you.

The compulsory counselling in case of a failed second examination of a semester (no matter if it is still the first or already the second examination attempt) according to PVO §5a(2) is also the responsibility of the examination committee.

Typically, you simply go to the office hours of the examination board chairperson, registration for office hours is not necessary. He can take care of many things directly; the board does not always have to hold lengthy meetings.

Announcements of the Examination Committee

In order to ensure that the decisions of the examination board are fair and that decisions are not made in one way or another, the board determines a number of things for the future that go beyond the individual case.

Forms and information sheets, such as for the issue of the Bachelor's thesis, cover sheet for the Bachelor's thesis or the registration of the colloquium for the Bachelor's thesis, can be found on the general forms page of the examination office and the special page for computer science-related forms.

Common info of all MINT study programmes

Examination dates and other formalities for examinations are uniformly regulated for all Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes.

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