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Degree Programmes for Applicants Without an "Abitur"

If you do not have a university entrance certificate (“Abitur”), you may be admitted for studies at the University of Lübeck upon meeting certain conditions. Pursuant to the university education regulation of 20 June 2008, individuals may be enrolled at a university if they hold a master craftsperson certificate or a certificate that they completed an equivalent accredited programme in another field of education.

Such a certificate is obtained by partaking in a professional vocational training programme, followed by a qualification obtained: 

1.    On the basis of a public law examination pursuant to §§53 and 54 of BBiG (Vocational Training Act) or §§42 or 42a of HwO (Handicrafts Regulation Act), or pursuant to equivalent federal and state regulations, or on the basis of state-approved examinations at an accredited continuing education college, whereby
2.    The continuing education programme must encompass at least 400 hours of classes.

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