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Bachelor higher semesters

You can access the application portal via the respective blue button under the study programs.
Before you complete the online application, please be sure to read the application instructions.

Study programs with entry requirements
Study programApplication
Nutritional Medicine Bachelor 1. semster
Molecular Life ScienceBachelor 1. semster
PhysiotherapyBachelor 1. semster
PsychologyBachelor 1. semster, via only

If you want to apply for a study program with entry requirements, please use the online application.

Study programs without entry requirments

Study programApplication
BiophysicsBachelor 1. semester
Computer ScienceBachelor 1. semester
IT-SecurityBachelor 1. semester
Mathematics in Medicine und Life SciencesBachelor 1. semester
Media InformaticsBachelor 1. semester
Medical InformaticsBachelor 1. semester
Medical EngineeringBachelor 1. semester
Robotics and Autonomous SystemsBachelor 1. semester