UniTransfer Award 2007

The research group SAFIR was honored with the Transfer Award of the University of Lübeck, conferred for the first time. The group from the Institute of Mathematics, University of Lübeck, concerns itself with questions of image registration which are of increased importance, especially in medical image processing applications.   The prize-ceremony of the 10.000 euro prize for exemplary project activities in the area of Technology Transfer took place today in the Multifunction Center in the district Hochschulstadtteil Lübeck.  The SAFIR group ("Solutions and Algorithms for Image Registration") is known as an innovation incubation in the area of mathematical application for image processing. Several transfer projects with industrial partners concern the areas "counter-flow" (development of an algorithm, which is supposed to enable the detection of `abnormal´ movements in moving scenes), the registration in tissue level surgery (approximation and overlay of images taken before and during the operation), the thermoregulation in premature babies (simulation tool for the warmth distribution for the testing of clinical situations and for the prediction of effects of measures), the correction of movement artifacts in medical imaging and the improvement of recording through reconstruction algorithms. The research group is lead by Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Bernd Fischer from the Lübeck Institute of Mathematics. In the scope of the prize ceremony, Prof. Dr. Thomas Martinetz, Prorector of the University of Lübeck, presented the new orientation of Technology Transfer at the University of Lübeck. Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Bruch, director of the University Clinic for Surgery Lübeck, presented the OP-forum of the UniTransferClinic. Dr. Jürgen Heinzerling of Philips Medical Systems Hamburg spoke about the "Transfer partner Companies". The laudatio on the winner was held by Günther W. Kühl of the company MiE medical imaging electronics, Seth, the SAFIR group cooperates with.

Winner 2007 - Institute for Mathematics. Press release winner 2007