Prizes and Awards

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       Thomas-Fredenhagen-Preis der Kaufmannschaft zu Lübeck 2019

Thomas-Fredenhagen Prize by the “Mercantile Association of Lübeck” for Technology Transfer and Patents

The Thomas-Fredenhagen Prize by the “Mercantile Association of Lübeck” for technology transfer and patents at the Universität zu Lübeck is sponsored by the Professor Hans-Heinrich Otte Foundation


The Eponym

Thomas Fredenhagen (born 25 October 1627 in Lübeck; died 20 April 1709 ibid.) is counted among business persons who enlivened Lübeck’s industry in the 17th century, courageously hammered out new routes for foreign trade, and switched over from the “Partenreederei” – a social system of German maritime law shipping companies – to one’s own risky but more lucrative shipping business.

A Church Warden of the Marien Church since 1680, in 1697 Fredenhagen donated a Baroque style, high altar made of marble (commonly known as the Fredenhagen alter) that was acquired from Thomas Quellinus of Antwerp. At the time, this was one of the largest donations ever made to a Lübeck church, since the reformation.

The Donor

Prof. Hans-Heinrich Otte has influenced the history of today’s BDO AG, for over half a century. He is responsible for pioneering impulses that helped advance auditing in Europe. As an entrepreneur, Hans-Heinrich Otte is the only one to have managed to take a certified public accounting firm based in Central European, and in particular in Germany, and successfully expand its reach around the world. He was the first in his field to recognise the value and momentousness of globalisation.

A native of Lübeck, he complemented his profession by getting involved in social and cultural aspects in this Hanseatic city. For example, he buttressed the effort in a multitude of ways to rebuild this city devasted by bombs. For his multifaceted commitment, he was awarded the honorary title of “Professor” in 2006, one of the highest distinctions in the State of Schleswig-Holstein.