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Schleswig-Holstein Student Services Association

For information on the Schleswig-Holstein Student Services Association, visit:

Various bodies of the organisation

Governing Board
The members of this board include delegates from universities, comprising two each for every 3,000 students. Per the statues, half the delegates must be students elected by their respective council at the university, and the other half is appointed by this governing body. The goal is to appoint university teachers/professors and well-known personalities with professional backgrounds from within the State of Schleswig-Holstein.

Board of Directors
Chair: Prof. Dr. Helmut Dahncke
CEO: Günter Kellotat
Student board member from scientific universities: Lars Warnemünde
Student board member from universities of applied sciences and academies of music: Michael Lempart
Office: 24118 Kiel, Westring 385
Andrea Fuchs, Tel: 0431/8816132, Fax: 0431/805416