Third Party-funded Collaborative Research

Collaborative Research funded by the German Research Foundation

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The University of Lübeck is represented in all faculties in various networks collaborative research funded by the German Research Foundation.



excellence cluster

EXC "Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation" (since 2018)

EXC306 "Inflammation at Interfaces" (2007-2018)

Clinical Scientist Program

"Clinician Scientist School Lübeck (CSSL) - Connecting Brain, Metabolism, and Inflammation (BMI) - Mechanisms and Disease Expression (since 2018)
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Christian Sadik, Clinic for Dermatology, Allergology and Venerology

research training groups

GRK 1957 "Adipocyte-Brain Crosstalk" (since 2014)
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Henrik Oster, Institute of Neurobiology

int. GRK 1911 "Immunoregulation of Inflammation in Allergy and Infection" (since 2013)
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Jörg Köhl, Institute for Systemic Inflammation Research

GRK 1743 "Genes, Environment and Inflammation" (since 2012)
Host university: University Medicine Kiel
PIs Lübeck: Prof. Dr. Saleh Ibrahim & Prof. Dr. Ralf Ludwig, LIED - Lübeck Institute for Experimental Dermatology & Prof. Dr. Jan Rupp, Clinic for Infectiology & Microbiology

GRK 1727 "Modulation of autoimmunity" (since 2011)
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Detlef Zillikens, Clinic for Dermatology, Allergology and Venerology

Clinical Research Units

KFO 303 "Pemphigoid Diseases - Molecular Pathways and their Therapeutic Potential" (since 2015)
Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Detlef Zillikens, Head: Prof. Dr. Christian Sadik, Clinic for Dermatology, Allergology and Venerology

KFO 170 "Early pathogenesis of Wegener's granulomatosis" (2007-2015)
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Peter Lamprecht, Clinic for Rheumatology

research teams

FOR 2698 "Cognitive theory for Tourette syndrome - a novel perspective" (since 2018)
Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Münchau, Clinic for Neurology

FOR 2327 "VIROCARB: Glycans Controlling Non-Enveloped Virus Infections" (since 2016)
Spokesperson: Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen, Interdepartmental Institute of Biochemistry;
PIs Lübeck: Prof. Dr. Thomas Peters, Institute of Chemistry & Prof. Dr. Stefan Taube, Institute of Virology and Cell Biology

FOR 2488 "Reduced Penetrance in Hereditary Movement Disorders: Clarification of mechanisms of endogenous disease protection" (since 2016)
Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. med. Christine Klein, Institute for Neurogenetics

FOR 1120 "Cultures of Insanity (1870-1930). Schwellenphenomene der urbanen Moderne" (2008-2016), Spokesperson: Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Institute for the History of Medicine and Ethics in Medicine; TP Lübeck: Dokumente des Wahns: Fabulieren und Querulieren in Literatur und Psychiatrie, PI: Prof. Dr. Cornelius Borck, Institut für Medizingeschichte und Wissenschaftsforschung (IMGWF) (in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Armin Schäfer, Fernuniversität Hagen)

FOR 655 "Prioritization in Medicine: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis with Special Consideration of Statutory Health Insurance Funds" (2007-2015)
PI: Prof. Dr. Dr. Heiner Raspe, Institute of Social Medicine & Epidemiology

Collaborative Research Centres/Transregios

SFB 936 "Multi-Cite Communication in the Brain" (since 2011)
Host university: University Medicine Hamburg-Eppendorf, Prof. Dr. Andreas K. Engel & Prof. Dr. Christian Gerloff;
PIs Lübeck (TP C5): Prof. Dr. Christine Klein, Institute of Neurogenetics & Prof. Dr. Thomas Münte, Clinic for Neurology

SFB-TR 134 "Eating behaviour: Homeostasis and Reward Systems" (2014-2018)
Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Hendrik Lehnert, Medical Clinic I

SFB-TR 654 "Plasticity and Sleep" (2005-2017)
Host university: University Medicine Tübingen, Prof. Dr. med. J. Born; Spokesperson University of Lübeck: Prof. Dr. Thomas Münte, Clinic for Neurology

Priority programmes

SPP 1665 "Breakdown and manipulation of neuronal networks in the brain of mammals: Von korrelativen zur kausalen Analyse" (since 2013), Spokesperson: UKE, Prof. Dr. I. L. Hanganu-Opatz; TP Lübeck: "Weak electrical stimulation and optogenetics for the investigation of sleep-dependent memory consolidation and neuronal ensembles", PI: Prof. Dr. Lisa Marshall, Institute for Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology

SPP 1629 "THYROID TRANS ACT - Translation of Thyroid Hormone Actions beyond classical concepts" (since 2012), Spokesperson: Universitätsmedizin Essen, Prof. Dr. D. Führer-Sakel; TP Lübeck: Consequences of short-term hypo- and hyperthyroidism on brain structure and function in humans, PIs: Prof. Dr. Thomas Münte, Clinic for Neurology & Prof. Dr. Georg Brabant, Medical Clinic I

graduate school

DFG Graduate School "Computing in Medicine and Life Science


Mathematics | Computer Science | Natural Sciences| Engineering

SPP 1313 "Biological Responses to Nanoscale Particles (Bio-Nano-Responses)" (2008-2015), Spokesperson: University of Duisburg-Essen, Prof. Dr. R. Zellner; TP Lübeck: How particles enter the body: investigating particle-barrier interactions in the digestive tract (PARENTRY), PI: Dr. Gereon Hüttmann, Institute of Biomedicine

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