Research Management

Research Management Team:

Head: Dr. Nina Perwitz

Research Strategy, Joint Research, Counselling

Phone: 0451 / 3101-7813

Email: nina[dot]perwitz[at]uni-luebeck[dot]de

Christina Catana-Hoppe , M.A.

1. Development of a Research Information System (PURE) for strategic analysis, service interfaces and public access to information on the university´s research actvities. 

2. Contact Point for DFG- and EU-proposals.

3. Contact Point for funding by Renate Maaß Stiftung.

Phone: 0451 / 3101-1131

Email: christina[dot]catanahoppe[at]uni-luebeck[dot]de

Dr. Corinna von Duhn

1. Internal Funding Programme of Luebeck Medical School

2. Application for travel grants of "Freunde und Förderer der Universität"

3. Announcement of scientific prizes and awards

Phone: 0451 / 3101-1132 (Tue & Wed or via Email)

Email: corinna[dot]vonduhn[at]uni-luebeck[dot]de