Research Focus

Brain, Behavior and Metabolism

The focus of our programme on "Brain, Behaviour and Metabolism" lies on investigating the interrelationships between CNS regulation, the endocrine system and metabolism, as well as normal and disturbed behavior.

The contributing scientists are organized within the Center for Brain, Behavior and Metabolism (CBBM), a central research building providing lab space, infrastructure and interdisciplinary exchange for variuos projects working on:

  • Consolidation of memory processes through sleep. Memory is investigated at a behavioural and cognitive level and from metabolic and immunological standpoints.
  • The significance of the brain for regulating glucose and the overriding neuroendocrine regulation of the body’s energy balance.
  • The physiology and pathology of neurological disorders.  

CBBM scientists have been awarded the following major grants:

  • DFG Collaborative Research Center 134 "Homeostasis and Reward"
  • DFG Collaborative Research Center 654 "Plasticity and Sleep"
  • DFG Collaborative Research Unit 126 "The Selfish Brain"
  • DFG Research Training Group 1957 "ABC - Adipocyte-Brain-Crosstalk"
  • BMBF National Network Membership "Diabetes Mellitus"
  • BMBF National Network Membership "Obesity"
  • EU Network "Disorders of Sexual Development" (EuroDSD)

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. med. Hendrik Lehnert