Research Focus

Infections & Inflammation

Research into infections & inflammation focuses on microbial noxae and inflammatory reactions.

About 80 scientists from diverse fields work at the
Lübeck Centre for Infections & Inflammation (ZIEL)
. In 2015, construction began on ZIEL’s own research complex on campus, with completion slated for 2018. Researchers at ZIEL assist with the education in not only the
Medicine programme,
but also in two programmes that emerged from research: Molecular Life Science and Infection Biology.

Two other centres also contribute to this effort:
ZMSZ (Centre for Medical Structures and Cell Biology)
CCIM (Centre for Comprehensive Inflammation Medicine).

ZIEL members research infections by investigating the characteristics of pathogens, courses of illnesses and intervention options. Inflammation research considers causal factors for the illness in different organ systems and control pathways. For example, inflammations in organs like the skin, lungs, intestines or vascular systems are compared under physiological and pathological conditions and analysed for their connection to neuro-hormonal control pathways. Interest also lies in comprehending inflammation relevant processes within cells and between them, to characterise triggering factors (such as microorganisms, components of complementary systems, autoantigens) and develop inhibition strategies.

Prof. Dr. med. Jörg Köhl
Institute for Systemic Inflammation Research