Main Research Areas

Infections & Inflammation

The research focus "Infection and Inflammation" is dedicated to the study of microbial noxae and inflammatory forms of reaction.

At the Centre for Infection and Inflammation Lübeck (ZIEL), around 80 scientists from a wide range of disciplines are involved. With the goal of completion in 2018, the construction of a new research building on the university campus began in 2015. The researchers of the ZIEL contribute not only to the training of medical doctors in the course of studies "Human Medicine" but also to the research-based courses of studies "Molecular Life Science" and "Infection Biology".

Contributions from other centers are made by the ZMSZ (Center for Medical Structural and Cell Biology) and the CCIM (Center for Comprehensive Inflammation Medicine).

In infection research, ZIEL members deal with characteristics of pathogens, disease progressions and intervention options. Inflammation research examines factors of disease occurrence in different organ systems and control loops. For example, inflammatory processes in the organs skin, lung, intestine or vascular system are compared under physiological and pathophysiological conditions and the connection to neurohormonal control loops is analyzed. It is also interesting to understand inflammation-relevant processes within and between individual cells in order to characterize trigger factors (e.g. microorganisms, components of the complement system, autoantigens) and develop inhibition strategies.

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. med. Jörg Köhl, Institute for Systemic Inflammation Research

Lübeck Centre for Infectious Diseases and Inflammation Research (ZIEL)

German Centre for Infection Research

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