Additional Research Areas

Translational Oncology (SCTO-L)

Research into translational oncology at our Universität zu Lübeck is embodied in the fields of both sections, the network at the BioMedTec Science Campus and close cooperation with external research partners, such as the Fraunhofer Research Institute for Marine Biotechnology.

These interdisciplinary workgroups involved in oncology research in Lübeck are coalesced through
SCTO-L – the Surgical Centre for Translational Oncology Lübeck.

The overall common theme at SCTO-L is Metastasising Mechanisms. Over 70% of university departments/clinics treat a variety of oncological illnesses with different therapies. Presently, this centre encompasses 29 specialities and represents a scientific union of its oncology research. This common centre facilitates an ongoing exchange of knowledge that leads to creation of a broad base of diverse expertise. The resulting research projects delve into basic research, clinical issues and advancement of the methodological infrastructure.