Research Grants

Grant Applications

Our service offers information and support for all issues concerning the application for research grants.

We provide advice on funding schemes by research organizations, scholarships and internal funding programmes. Moreover, our team backs the development of Lübeck's research landscape and its organisation, while communicating with our committees and representatives on behalf of our researchers.

All generations of researchers in Lübeck can count of individual support from the time a new idea on research germinates through to managing the research project.

Particular emphasis is placed on our young scientists and on women interested in post-doctoral candidatures.

Please do not hesitate to contact us about your interests in our research profile or about any related administrative or organisational issue:

Christina Catana, M.A.
Phone:  500 - 6876
Fax.: 500 - 3026
E-mail: catana(at)zuv(dot)