Research in the Lübeck medical school is closely intertwined with work in the fields of natural sciences and technical disciplines at the Universität zu Lübeck. Therefore, most
integrate non-medical disciplines into their programmes in order to address the issues from diverse standpoints.

Internal promotion
is another key instrument used to emphasise specific fields.

Over time, the medical school established its profile in Lübeck by focusing on two fields:

  1. Infections & Inflammation (ZIEL – Lübeck Centre for Infections & Inflammation)
  2. CBBM – Centre for Brain, Behaviour and Metabolism

These are supplemented by Biomedical engineering,
the interdisciplinary field at the crossroads of medicine, informatics, engineering and natural sciences.

This is accomplished through the medical engineering clusters in Lübeck, which address a broad spectrum of issues. The spotlight is on developing medical imaging techniques for diagnostics purposes or to potentially replace invasive procedures.