Center for Doctoral Studies Lübeck

Structure and organisation of the CDSL

The CDSL is a central institution of the University of Lübeck. Its bodies are: the Advisory Board, the Dean of the CDSL und his or her representative and the administrative office. The specific tasks and organizational structures of the CDSL are described in the Statute (ENG).

The organisation includes four branches (organization chart): Biomedicine, Computing in Medicine and Life Sciences, Computer Science and Technology and Studies of Culture and Knowledge. Every branch provides an individualized training program with its own management. Further PhD programms of the University of Lübeck have the possibility to join a content-related branch.

Each section (Medicine, Computer Sciences / Engineering and Natural Sciences) is represented by a trust-centre of the CDSL which appears as ombudsperson within the scope of doctoral degree concerns. It can be contacted via the graduation service.