Technology Transfer Partnerships

Our Science Campus provides the perfect conditions for effective transfers of technology, with backing from the following partners:

Forum for Medical Engineering

Supported by our Universität zu Lübeck and the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences, the Forum for Medical Engineering functions as a charitable organisation for training and further education in medical engineering.
The forum concentrates mainly on day seminars on the medical devices act and the related operators directive.


Lübeck Chamber of Industry & Commerce (IHK)

In its autonomous role, the Lübeck Chamber of Industry & Commerce (IHK) emphatically represents the interests of roughly 68,000 member-firms involved in politics, administrations and the public sector. As the mouthpiece of the industry, IHK critically influences key political decisions and unrelentingly pursues the goal of continually improving conditions for their economic growth.


Life Science Nord

The cluster organisations, Life science Nord Management GmbH and its namesake promotion society operate under the brand name, Life Science Nord, to grow the region of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein into a leading life science network. The management of this cluster thus initiates strategic projects and supports promotion of companies and institutions focussed on innovative medicine. Furthermore, the cluster helps networking among industry, research and politics, while contributing not only the specialised knowledge from universities and research institutions, but also its close contacts with companies. Moreover, the management is in-charge of representing the regional effort in life sciences to the national and international arenas.

The Life Science Nord association, with about 200 member companies, research institutes and advocates, coalesces the common stance and interests of biomedical sciences and those of the fields of medical engineering and biotechnology or pharmaceuticals.


Lübeck Technical Centre (TZL)

TZL in Lübeck offers traditional offices, workshops, and laboratory spaces to young and still adolescent companies by opening doors to hand-in-hand cooperation options, and provides support for collaborative tasks.