We ask for donations for students and scientists from Ukraine

Numerous calls for help from students and academics from Ukraine have reached the University of Lübeck. We would like to support the students and academics quickly and unbureaucratically. Solidarity and cohesion can achieve a lot at this time. Monetary donations are the most effective and fastest way to provide support.

With our donation fund

„Lübeck active for Ukraine“

we want to provide the quickest and most efficient assistance possible, for example for:

- Admitting scientists, providing (laboratory) workplaces and awarding scholarships.

- admitting students to our study programmes or prospective students to the orientation and qualification programme (Propädeutikum)

- Participation in German language courses at the university to acquire the language level C1 and assumption of costs for the examination "German as a Foreign Language" (TESTDaF)

- Support for student initiatives for the reception, accommodation or care of refugees

- Initial support by student mentors

- Initial equipment with notebooks

Recipient: Universität zu Lübeck
Keyword: Lübeck aktiv für die Ukraine
Sparkasse zu Lübeck
IBAN: DE23 2305 0101 0162 9645 55

Donations to the University are tax-deductible. Up to an amount of 200 euros, the tax office will recognise a copy of the remittance slip or the bank statement as proof of donation. If a donation receipt is desired, we ask for the name and current address. The donation receipt will be issued after receipt of the donation. The earmarking guarantees that the donations will be used for the designated purpose.