Scholarships for medical students in the Graduate College (GRK)

You are students of medicine in the clinical part of your studies (5.-8. semester) and you want to write your doctoral thesis within a structured study programme together with other doctoral students? You can apply for a doctoral scholarship in the GRK.

We offer following GRKs:

DFG-GRK 2633: Defining and Targeting Autoimmune Pre-Disease
DFG-SBF 1526: Pathomechanisms of Antibody-mediated Autoimmunity
DFG-iGRK 1911: Immunoregulation of Inflammation in Allergy and Infection
DFG-GRK 1957: Adipocyte-Brain Crosstalk

During a doctoral study in a GRK you can expect:

  • 6 to 12 months of fulltime research in a laboratory (one to two semesters of research sabbatical)
  • a scholarship of up to 934€
  • involvement into the research activities of the working group and of the College
  • an individual qualification programme
  • a supervision Committee, consisting of at least 2 Persons
  • regular meetings to discuss the progress of your thesis
  • possibly travel grants for conference participations

Your questions around the application procedure will be answered by the contact persons of the particular GRK.