Doctoral awards

Bernd-Fischer-Preis (MINT)

Since 2016 the MINT sections anually honour an outstanding dissertation for the doctorade "Dr. rer. nat" or "Dr.-Ing." endowed with 2,500 €. It is bestowed by the alumni, friends and supporters of the University of Lübeck. 

The laureate is chosen by a selection committee appointed by the senate committee of the MINT sections.

Previous laureates:

2018 Dr.-Ing. Quoc Huy Phan (Signal Processing)

Title of the dissertation: "Audio Event Detection, Classification, and Beyond"

2017 Dr.-Ing. Tobias Wissel (Robotics)

Title of the dissertation: "Tissue Thickness Estimation from Backscattered Light"

2016 Dr.-Ing. Dirk Fortmeier (Medical informatics)

Title of the dissertation: "Direct Volume Rendering Methods for Needle Insertion Simulation"


Previous laureates of the state funded University award:

The state funded University award in the MINT sections honoured annually the best dissertation of a canditate for the doctorade „Dr. rer. nat“ or „Dr.-Ing.“ endowed with 2,500 €. It was bestowed by the alumni, friends and supporters of the University of Lübeck.

The awarding took place at the suggestion of the PhD commitee (Promotionsausschuss) by the bureau of the University.

2015 Dr. Dierck Hillmann (Biomedical Optics)

Title of the dissertation: "Holoscopy"

2014 Dr. Aleksandar Rakovic (Neurogenetics)

Title of the dissertation: "Impact of Parkinson disease-related mutations in PINK1 on Parkin and mitochondrial fusion/fission factors in human-derived cells"

2013 Dr. Rene Werner (Medical informatics)

Title of the dissertation: "Bewegungsfeldschätzung und Dosisakkumulation anhand von 4D-Bilddaten für die Strahlentherapie atmungsbewegter Tumoren"

2012 Dr. Johannes Textor (Theoretical informatics)

Title of the dissertation: "Search and Learning in the Immune System: Models of Immune Surveillance and Negative Selection"

2011 Dr. Tobias Knopp (Medical technology)

Title of the dissertation: "Effiziente Rekonstruktion und alternative Spulentopologien für Magnetic-Particle-Imaging

2010 Dr. Nils Papenberg (Mathematics)

Title of the dissertation: "Ein genereller Registrierungsansatz mit Anwendung in der navigierten Leberchirurgie"

2009 Dr. Volker Jürgen Schmidt (Physiology)

Title of the dissertation: "Die Koordination des Gefäßverhaltens in der Mikrozirkulation
wird durch Connexine mit spezifischen Eigenschaften vermittelt"

2008 Dr. Alexander Schlaefer (Robotics)

Title of the dissertation: "Computer assisted planning for robotic radiosurgery"

2007 Dr. Christian Werner (Telematics)

Title of the dissertation: "Optimierte Protokolle für Web Services mit begrenzten Datenraten"