> 2nd National Biobank Symposium 2013 in Berlin

The ICB-L joined the 2nd National Biobank Symposium 2013 in Berlin. Focus of the symposium is the future of biobanks in Germany: Networking, Collaboration, and Structural Development. Further information can be found on the TMF website.

> ESBB 2013 in Verona, Italy

The ICB-L team had exciting and interesting days on the ESBB conference in Verona, Italy from 8th -11th of October, 2013.

Kongressteilnehmer der ICBL
From left to right: PD Dr. J. Ingenerf, Mrs. N. Gründer, M. Hackmann, Mrs. R. Kaatz, Mrs. Dr. M. Oberländer, Prof. Dr. Dr. J. Habermann, Mrs. P. Duhm-Harbeck, M. Petzold

GMDS annual convention 2013 at University of Lübeck

From 1st to 5th September 2013 the ICB-L took Part in the GMDS annual convention 2013. We enjoyed the interesting and inspireing discussions.