Technology Transfer

Founding of the Lübeck Digital Energy Cluster

The city, businesses and scientists kick-off digitisation projects in our Hanseatic City – Triumph in the national competition: “Stadt.Land.Digital” (City.State.Digital)

We are expanding the range of digital services in the Hanseatic City of Lübeck. On 11 January, a host of partners from the business and science sectors came on board the Lübeck Digital Energy Cluster, under the umbrella of our Hanseatic City. This cluster seeks to turn Lübeck into a model region with an intelligently networked city offering a high quality of life for its residents. The cluster was introduced during the function in the Lübeck Department of Works to celebrate its founding.

About 100 guests from the Hanseatic City and neighbouring regions learnt about this project. The spotlight was on the LoRaWan radio network that will test mobile energy and security services on Lübeck’s new digital services platform called LüDIP or Lübeck Digital House. This will be set up on the campus and make digitisation comprehensible and experiential for all.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Fischer, the Vice-President for Transfer and Digitisation at the Universität zu Lübeck and board member of this cluster, said “Our new Lübeck Digital Energy Cluster is an outstanding basis to grow the Hanseatic City of Lübeck into a model region for digitisation. The names of founding members demonstrate our city’s commitment to this idea. Winning the ‘’ (City.State.Digital) competition is an incredible incentive to turn the ideas into reality as fast as possible.”

Work with others to develop projects and plans

The cluster office is managed by the development unit of Lübeck’s Municipal Department of Works, headed by the Managing Director, Dr Jens Meier, and Cluster Manager, Felix Schulz von Thun. Lübeck’s Mayor, Jan Lindenau, who chairs the Lübeck Digital Energy Cluster, elucidated: “The range of digital services should be very useful for many of our citizens. We wish to simplify complex technical aspects and get as many people on board as possible to develop these projects together with others – and thereby maximise their benefits.”

Stefan Dräger, Chair of Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA, was elected the deputy chair of the Lübeck Digital Energy Cluster. He added, “For me, the Lübeck Digital Energy Cluster is the essence of Hanseatic action. Lübeck has always been special in that it brings industry, society, citizens and business persons together. Now we have created something new, the best kind of network to drive digitisation for the benefit of all people.”

Other members of the board include Frank Schumacher, Chair of the board of Sparkasse zu Lübeck, who will take charge of the finance unit, Jürgen Schäffner, Managing Director of Stadtwerke Lübeck GmbH, who will be in-charge of the broadband unit, as well as Prof. Dr Stefan Fischer, Vice-President of our Universität zu Lübeck, Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Wolf-Regett, executive board member of the Technical University of Lübeck, and Dr Frank Schröder-Oeynhausen, Managing Director of the Technical Centre, who will be responsible for fostering young scientists, technology transfers, and start-ups.

The Lübeck Digital Energy Cluster is a Lübeck platform designed to address and resolve urgent issues faced by a digital era in the future. The products and services concern the fields of energy transition and supply, data security, environment and safety technology and resource-conserving mobility.

This cluster will delve especially into digital services, also for the young. The project “DeinLübeckDigital” (Your digital Lübeck) focusses on the youth, with experts interacting with young citizens to develop digital products. At the opening ceremony on 1 February, juniors from the world of business in Lübeck and youth associations of parties in our Hanseatic City held a big workshop of the future entitled “DeinLübeckDigital.”

Victorious in the national competition "
Stadt.Land.Digital" (City.State.Digital)

The first great triumph by the newly founded cluster was underpinned by its victory in the national competition “Stadt.Land.Digital” (City.State.Digital). This contest was held by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy under its initiative on intelligent networks. Over 200 cities and municipalities across the country submitted concepts to develop smart cities and regions. On 16 January 2019, a team from our Digital Services Energy Cluster society presented its proposal in Berlin and won the first prize.

Dr Jens Meier, Felix Schulz von Thun and Tim Klüssendorf gave a brief presentation on their concept for our Hanseatic City. In the final round, they competed against Dortmund, Heinsberg, Emsdetten, Aalen and the district of Elbe-Elster. Their proposal to turn Lübeck into a model city with intelligent networks for its residents was compelling. This initiative will conceive and implement a host of digitisation projects requiring close alliances among companies, universities and citizens. The first prize was awarded to three cities, the other two going to Düsseldorf and Emsdetten. Our Lübeck team also garnered the public’s choice award.

The "Stadt.Land.Digital" (City.State.Digital) project encompasses digitisation concepts and strategies. A total of 218 proposals were uploaded via the Open Innovation Platform (OIP), of which 40% originated from local companies. From the final short-list of six at the national conference, three competitors were selected for the first prize, and the other three received special awards. All six finalists also won a trip to a renowned European smart city.

Dr Jens Meier, Office Manager of the Lübeck Digital Energy Cluster said, “Winning the first prize at the national “Stadt.Land.Digital” competition is a phenomenal shot in the arm for our infant initiative. It is not only fantastic to have the backing of Berlin, and all this nationwide attention, it is also a commitment. We will now work with our partners to pursue this ambitious project.”

Board members and the office of the Lübeck Digital Energy Cluster are: Jürgen Schäffner, Dr Frank Schröder-Oeynhausen, Frank Schumacher, Mayor Jan Lindenau, Prof. Klaus-Peter Wolf-Regett, Prof. Stefan Fischer, Dr Oliver Harnack, Dr Jens Meier, Felix Schulz von Thun (l-r: picture & copyright: Olaf Malzahn). About 100 guests attended the function celebrating the founding of the Lübeck Digital Energy Cluster (picture & copyright: Olaf Malzahn); Dr Jens Meier, Office Manager of the Cluster, during the presentation in Berlin (picture & copyright: Julija Busarew, Lübeck Digital Energy Cluster), Group picture of winners of the national competition "Stadt.Land.Digital" (picture & copyright: Julija Busarew, Lübeck Digital Energy Cluster)