2019 Conference on Medical Image Processing

Key technology for diagnostics support, operation planning, image-driven surgery and radiation treatment – major advancements through deep neural networks

The Institute of Medical Informatics at our Universität zu Lübeck organised the 2019 Conference on Medical Image Processing (BVM), held from 17–19 March, under the direction of Prof. Dr Heinz Handels. In the footsteps of previous BVMs held in 2001, 2011 and 2015, this fourth key conference will address national advancements in the field of image processing for medical applications. The venue is the historic Hanseatic City of Lübeck. Roughly 150 attendees from across Germany are expected. Medical image processing is a key technology for a range of medical applications, such as diagnostics support, operation planning, image-driven surgery and radiation treatment. These techniques have progressed significantly in recent years, marked by major strides made feasible by deep neural networks – the highlight of this year’s conference. The 2019 BVM conference will also feature three renowned guest speakers: Prof. Dr Fabian Bamberg (Director, Department of Diagnostics & Intervention Radiology, University Medical Centre of Freiburg), Prof. Dr Daniel Cremers (Chair of the Image Processing and AI group at TU Munich) and Dr Bram van Ginneken (Chair of the Diagnostic Image Analysis Group, Radboud University Medical Center, The Netherlands). These speakers will highlight topical themes like AI, deep learning and radiomics for medical image processing, from both methodology and radiology standpoints. Our Universität zu Lübeck concentrates on research into medical image processing, and offers consolidation courses for bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Medical Informatics. The conference organiser, Prof. Heinz Handels, commented, “We are really pleased that 16 papers at the 2019 BVM will be from our Universität zu Lübeck, two of which are from master’s theses written for the Medical Informatics programme.”

. . Prof. Dr Heinz Handels