Precision Medicine in the Treatment of Cancer

Radiation, Radiation, Chemo: What else? – Inaugural lecture by Prof. Dr. Nikolas von Bubnoff on 25 June (5 p.m., Lecture hall AM 4)

The dramatic progress in the understanding of the molecular and genetic causes of cancer, together with the increasing availability of targeted molecular medication, are leading to a paradigm shift in treatments for tumour diseases. The challenge of the next few years is to transfer personalised, biomarker-driven treatment methods to standard therapeutic practice.

The individualisation of treatment requires the creation of new healthcare provision. The lecture analyses the value of predictive biomarkers when selecting an individual, “molecularly stratified” treatment for cancer patients, and the task of a molecular tumour board in the creation of personalised therapy recommendations, including after completion of cancer treatment in accordance with the guidelines.

Prof. Dr. med. Nikolas von Bubnoff is (W3) Professor for Medical Oncology at the University of Lübeck and is Director of the Clinic for Haemotology and Oncology of the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein, Campus Lübeck.

. Prof. Dr. Nikolas von Bubnoff