The 2019 Informatics Summer Camp

Reinvent – The 2019 Informatics Summer Camp at the University of Lübeck from 5–8 August

The Informatics Summer Camp (ISC) is an annual highlight that offers a full week of computer science, challenging workshops, new technologies, insight into university life, and current research projects, as well as friendly people and a whole lot of fun. School pupils aged 14 and above have the opportunity to immerse themselves during the summer holidays in various workshops on very different topics in the field of informatics, to develop their skills and acquire new competencies.

All workshops emphasise project work in small groups. Learn, apply knowledge, and try things out. Students and researchers in informatics will provide support to the participants.

There is probably no other educational offer for young people in Schleswig-Holstein that offers such an in-depth and wide-ranging commitment to informatics topics and digital education.