Prof. Christine Klein, the New President of the German Society of Neurology (DGN)

Prof. Dr Christine Klein, Director of the Institute for Neurogenetics at the Universität zu Lübeck, is the President of DGN as of the new year.

This is the first time a female heads this famous society with currently 9,500 members. As its new president, she intends to further neurology research, particularly into rare diseases, and to attract the young generation. Moreover, she kicked-off the innovative project REimagine MEDICINE, which not only inspires debate on a physician’s career identity, but also involves members to help resolve problems.

Prof. Klein succeeds Prof. Dr Gereon R. Fink of Cologne. Upon her appointment, she acknowledged Prof. Fink for outstanding work during his term in office – particularly in attracting members and the young generation, adding, “We will naturally continue projects initiated by the last two presidents, Prof. Dr Gereon R. Fink und Prof. Dr Ralf Gold, such as the successful image campaign: We are Neurology. DGN has grown in the last few years and I’d like to pursue this path.”

Make Neurology Research More Attractive for Young Scientists Prof. Dr Christine Klein, also a member of the Senate Commission at DFG (German Society of Research) for key issues in clinical research, intends to push her own agenda too. As the 2109/20 President of DGN, she wishes to emphasise neurology research. One of her occupational policy demands is to create better working conditions for young clinical scientists: “We must make an effort to make neurology research more attractive for young scientists, particularly from the perspective of a career and a life.” Furthermore, in addition to delving into major themes like strokes and multiple sclerosis, the new DGN president will strive to concentrate on rare neurological diseases from the standpoints of research and public awareness. It should be noted that about 80% of the rare diseases manifest themselves with neurological symptoms, among others. Prof. Klein explains, “Barely any other field has produced as much innovative research and therapies as neurology. We want to maintain this innovative energy and create structures to expand into new fields of research.” Furthermore, Prof. Dr Christine Klein started the new year with the ambitious goal of improving the framework for medicine in clinical and research environments, stating, “Just a few months ago, we gave birth to a new project aimed at no less than questioning the existing healthcare system and providing an impetus for change. REimagine MEDICINE will help reshape medicine, while strengthening a physician’s career identity. We need more time for our patients, more time (and funds) for independent research, and less bureaucracy and commercial pressure. In short: Medicine 4.0. As neurologists, we should be directly involved in co-shaping this future of medicine.”

Prof. Dr Christine Klein (Picture: © DGN/Tedeskino)