Preparatory Semester for Propaedeutics Programme: Apply now!

The University of Lübeck’s programme for refugees and international students who wish to study at the university

The University of Lübeck’s propaedeutics programme is still accepting applications for the preparatory semester. Refugees and, as of now, also international students without a refugee background can apply. The preparatory semester begins in September and leads to the actual propaedeutics programme, which directly qualifies students for admission to a study programme.

Suitable applicants are invited to a placement test that consists of an online language test, an academic written test with a focus on biology, chemistry, physics, informatics, and mathematics, and an interview.

In the preparatory semester, the existing language and academic knowledge is brought up to an intermediate and  advanced school-leaving level for the propaedeutics programme. This programme begins in March on an advanced school-leaving and first semester level. Each semester ends with exams that, if passed, qualify the students for the next level. The programme also involves social and cultural integration work, including visits to museums and concerts, group excursions, meetings with German students, sport, talks, and much more.

Bonus points for admission to a study programme

The propaedeutics programme equips students with the language and academic knowledge needed to study at the University of Lübeck. Participants who successfully complete the programme gain 0.4 bonus points on top of their school leaving grade. Many of the teachers are students at an advanced stage of their studies and thus in a position to pass on first-hand knowledge and experience. The students, for their part, gain their first teaching experience in this way, and some of them have already decided to obtain a master of education qualification when they are finished.

The language part of the propaedeutics programme ends with the TestDaF exam at C1.1 level (DaF= Deutsch als Fremdsprache [German as a foreign language]). The University of Lübeck’s propaedeutics programme is the only examination centre in the southern region of Schleswig-Holstein that offers the TestDaF exam. Language training takes places four days a week in two courses at different levels. The maximum group size of 16 ensures individual and intensive training. The success rate proves the value of the concept. Numerous former participants have gone on to study successfully at the university.

“Anyone who takes advantage of this opportunity for academic, language, and social preparation has a genuine chance of succeeding at the university,” says Matthias Holzum from the propaedeutics programme. The external office of the university’s International Office is located in Schüsselbuden 30, in the direct vicinity of the Lübeck Markt.

Participants in the University of Lübeck’s propaedeutics programme (Photo: University of Lübeck) Qualifying for a study programme in the University of Lübeck’s propaedeutics programme