Molecular Pathology – From a Molecule to Therapy

Inaugural lecture by Prof. Dr Jutta Kirfel on 15 June 2018 (2 pm sine tempore, Auditorium H 1)

Since October 2017, Prof. Dr rer. nat. Jutta Kirfel has held the W2 professorship for pathology, focussing on molecular pathology at our Universität zu Lübeck.
Prior to taking up her appointment in Lübeck, she headed the department of molecular pathology diagnostics at the Institute for Pathology of the University of Bonn. There she ran the research unit for “Molecular & Cell Biology.” Prof. Kirfel’s scientific work focusses on translational research into tumours and molecular pathogenesis and genetics of solid tumours, with emphasis on epigenetic regulation mechanisms in hormone-dependent tumours and tumours in the respiratory tract. Her research group applies high throughput sequencing techniques to better understand the role of epigenetic processes in cancer genesis.

Inaugural lectures

Prof. Dr Jutta Kirfel