LoLa Summer School 2019 from 5 –9 August

The Lübeck Open Laboratory in the University of Lübeck’s Academy of Pupils Topics “Microbes – Infection – Inflammation"

This summer, interested pupils once again have the chance to sample university and laboratory life at the LoLa Summer School. Pupils will become closely acquainted with the world of microorganisms in laboratory experiments and seminars.

They will cultivate, isolate, colour, identify, and test bacteria for various properties, and see what germs surround us on a daily basis. In so doing, they will also learn that most bacteria are our “friends”. The seminars will look at how our immune system deals with bacteria that have entered the body, how these bacteria fight back, how inflammation occurs, and what is causing the increased resistance to antibiotics.

Participation is open to senior-level pupils with an interest in the natural sciences who have, ideally, already attended a LoLa course, and who have been recommended by their science teacher(s).

The summer school is sponsored by the excellence cluster “PMI – Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation” and the Possehl Foundation. Thanks to their generous support, participation is free of charge.