The Prize for Teaching Conferred by the Universität zu Lübeck

Award for an outstanding concept for lectures

Since 2016, our Universität zu Lübeck has been awarding the Prize for Teaching. Each year, it is conferred under a special motto, which for 2019 is “Research Through Learning.” This award is department and discipline neutral and includes prize money of € 3,000. It will be conferred during the ceremony for our university’s science awards held in November 2019 in our Hanseatic City Hall in Lübeck.

This award highlights the special significance of teaching at a university, enhances the visibility of training young academics, and creates an incentive for a career in teaching, while encouraging one to make an impact beyond one’s own boundaries. At the same time, the award establishes the quality of lectures as the main criteria for all lecturers and seeks to profile quality management as the university’s strategic goal.

  • Students and lecturers at the university can recommend teachers and/or their classes until
    30 June 2019
  • Lecturers can either apply based on the choice of students or other lecturers, or submit their lecture concepts by
    31 July 2019

For more information:
Announcement of the University’s Prize for Teaching 2019

The Prize for Teaching 2018 by the Universität zu Lübeck went to Asst. Prof. Dr Amir Madany Mamlouk (Picture: Guido Kollmeier / Universität zu Lübeck)