Sunday, 30-11-2014


50 Years of Focus on Life – 50 Years of the University of Lübeck

The university presents an impressive illustrated edition highlighting 50 objects of science stemming from 50 years of research in Lübeck

The University of Lübeck has published a richly illustrated edition commemorating its golden jubilee. This large format book entitled “50 Years of Focus on Life – 50 Years of the University of Lübeck” comprises 192 pages, starting with a detailed retrospective look at the small beginnings of the Academy of Medicine, founded back in 1964. It continues with reports by contemporary witnesses and contributions from prominent personalities of the times, through this period until the present. It highlights the current research profile of the university and provides the reader a view of the university’s transformation into a new foundation under public law as of 1 January 2015. The authors and publisher presented the golden jubilee edition in detail at a press conference held on 4 November 2014.

In this jubilee edition, Premier Albig comments on behalf of the State of Schleswig-Holstein: “The rapid growth of the University of Lübeck over the past half-century is really impressive. The university managed not only to build-up a distinctive profile, but an international reputation as well.” The President of the City of Lübeck, Gabriele Schopenhauer and Mayor Bernd Saxe each penned words of welcome on behalf of the city. The foreword is by Prof. Dr. Peter Dominiak and Prof. Dr. Hendrik Lehnert, respectively the outgoing and incoming President of the University of Lübeck.

The core of the book clearly depicts the research profile of the university and takes the reader on an exciting tour through “50 objects of science stemming from 50 years of research at the University of Lübeck.” The book presents research fields and projects ranging from A as in adipocytes (“How fat cells talk with the brain”) to Z for Zuckerstruktur (“Viral infections and the glyco code”). These passages spotlight the spectrum of this modern specialist institution, spanning projects like speed cameras, brain stimulator, nanoparticles and the PID baby.

Daniela Martin, who authored this jubilee edition, is a cultural historian and science journalist. Prof. Dr. Cornelius Borck and Dr. Stefan Braun are in-charge of university publications. At the press conference, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Erik Maehle introduced autonomous underwater robots developed at his Institute for Technical Informatics in connection with the subject of “Swarm intelligence for monitoring the environment.”  

The chapter on 50 objects of science is complemented by the chapters “A campus narrates its history: the path to a modern specialist university” and “Good relationships: voices from science, politics and society.” The volume contains numerous contributions, including (to name just three) those from personalities like Günter Grass, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature and honorary doctor of the university, from Björn Engholm, former premier and long-term chair of the advisory board and honorary citizen of the university, and from Prof. Dr. Winfried Stöcker, the first founder of a spin-off at the university and chairman of the board of Euroimmun.

This edition is published an bound by Neumann & Nürnberger in Leipzig (ISBN 978-3-00-04705-0) and sold for € 30 in bookstores or through the university (braun(at)zuv.uni-luebeck(dot)de).

Commemorative Golden Jubilee Edition of the University of Lübeck