17th Tripartite Conference on Minimally-Invasive Surgery

Focus on Digitisation from 24–25 January 2019 in the Media Docks, Lübeck

Mark 24–25 January 2019 on your calendar to attend the 17th Tripartite Conference on Minimally-Invasive Surgery (MIC 2019). The organiser is Prof. Dr Tobias Keck, Director of the University Medical Centre for General Surgery in Lübeck.

The theme of this 17th Tripartite Conference is digitisation, mainly from the perspectives of robotics, visualisation, enhanced imaging, simulation and training. Clinical issues will be addressed through video talks, and poster and state-of-the-art sessions. These will delve into the entire spectrum of minimally-invasive surgeries, especially from the perspectives of oncological and most common surgeries.

Besides plenary sessions, the conference will hold a session on the theme of the European Champions League, where opinion-makers will introduce their specialities in the areas of minimally-invasive and robotic surgery in Europe. For the first time, this conference will be in English – to facilitate a pan-European and international dialogue among our Baltic country partners, and thereby widen our reach. Attendees from our Universität zu Lübeck and UKSH are eligible for a discount.

17th Tripartite Conference on minimally-invasive surgery (Picture: Olaf Malzahn)