Lübeck Biochemistry Alumni Symposium in China

From structure-based drug design to bioinformatics.

Former doctoral and post-doc students from the Institute of Biochemistry at the University of Lübeck who are currently living in China met in the south-western city of Kunming for a scientific symposium from 14 to 16 June. Scientists who had worked as guest researchers at the institute, as well as cooperation partners, also attended.

The symposium was organised by Prof. Qingjun Ma (Qingdao) and Ms Kuilan Chen (Kunming) to mark the 65th birthday of Prof. Rolf Hilgenfeld, Director of the Institute of Biochemistry. The participants presented their current research projects.

Discussions concerned the medicinal chemistry of antiviral agents, structure-based drug design, new types of antibodies, anti-HIV proteins, food enzymes, proteins from maritime sources, the execution of clinical studies in China, as well as the use of bioinformatics for analysing mental illness.

On the final day of the gathering, the participants visited a park in which the cultural characteristics of the 26 different ethnic minorities living in the Yunnan province are represented.

Hailong Liu (Shanghai), Prof. Lili Zhu (Shanghai), Prof. Xiaoyun Ji (Nanjing), Dr. Daizong Lin (Changchun), Prof. Susan Tsay (Taipeh), Prof. Jing Wang (Beijing), Kuilan Chen (Kunming), Prof. Rolf Hilgenfeld (Lübeck), Prof. Xiao-Dong Su (Beijing), Prof. Zhangqiang Jiang (Beijing), Prof. Qingjun Ma (Qingdao), Dr. Zhenggang Han (Wuhan; from left to right). The following are absent from the photo: Dr. Shuai Chen (Shanghai), Can Shen (Shanghai), Prof. Yibei Xiao (Nanjing), Prof. Na Yang (Tianjin).