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We ask for donations for students and academics from Ukraine

Numerous calls for help from students and academics from Ukraine have reached the University of Lübeck. We would like to support the students and academics quickly and unbureaucratically. Solidarity and cohesion can achieve a lot at this time. Monetary donations are the most effective and fastest way to provide support.

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Native speaker call

A request from the UKSH:
People who speak Ukrainian (or Russian, if applicable) will probably be needed more and more in the near future: Are there people among you who speak these languages? If you would like to translate for UKSH, please contact the psychosocial service (volker.kroetz(at)uksh(dot)de; Tel: 0451 500 42860) or the secretariat of paediatric oncology (consuela.popko(at)uksh(dot)de; Tel: 0451 500 42961) to leave your mobile phone numbers there.


We would also like to give academics, colleagues and students from Ukraine the opportunity to network. We will be happy to establish appropriate contacts via the e-mail address (


External offers

ePunkt - "I want to help!

The ePunkt e.V. strengthens voluntary work, advises committed Lübeckers and coordinates civic engagement. In the context of the Ukraine crisis, anyone who would like to support refugees from Ukraine can sign up here.

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Offer accommodation

At VICTOR you can offer your free couches, mattresses and beds to people from Ukraine.



Helping others is easy. Finding people to help, sometimes not so much. That's why there's now helferbande.


Lübeck active for Ukraine