Freitag, 05.01.2018


Immunologie: Ancient history of allergic diseases

Dr. Yves Laumonnier

Antrittsvorlesung von Dr. Yves Laumonnier am 23. Januar (17 Uhr s.t. Hörsaal T1)

The prevalence of allergic diseases, in particular allergic asthma and food allergies, have been shown to increase regularly in our western socities since their first medical description in the late 19th and early 20th century. These observations suggest that these diseases may be associated with the development of our civilization and may be highly correlated with our modern way of life.

However, one may speculate that allergic diseases were also affecting humans in more ancient civilizations, but stayed rather unnoticed. Are there evidences that allergic diseases preexisted before the 19th century, and does it change our appreciation of those diseases being associated with western way of living? Last but not least, is anything in the past that could help us to design new treatments for allergic conditions?

(Habilitation im Fachgebiet Immunologie)