Stellenangebote / Open Positions

Stellenangebote KI-Professuren / Job offers AI professorships

Das Land Schleswig-Holstein unterstützt an vier Hochschulstandorten die Schaffung von insgesamt zwölf KI-Lehrstühlen – an der Universität zu Lübeck wird vor allem der Forschungsschwerpunkt „KI und Gesundheit“ gestärkt.

Die Universität zu Lübeck steht für exzellente Forschung und exzellente Lehre. Wir sind eine moderne Stiftungsuniversität mit thematisch fokussierten Studiengängen. Unter dem Motto „Im Focus das Leben“ bieten wir als Life-Science-Universität ein Spektrum von Medizin, Gesundheitswissenschaften und Psychologie bis hin zu Mathematik, Informatik, Naturwissenschaften und Technik an. Zum Wintersemester 2022/2023 sind folgende Professuren zu besetzen:

W2-Professur für ethische, rechtliche und soziale Aspekte der KI / Ethical, Legal, and Social Aspects of AI
Leitung - Ethical Innovation Hub (EIH)
Institute für Medizinische Elektrotechnik / Medizingeschichte und Wissenschaftsforschung
- Bewerbungsfrist: 02.06.2022 -

W3-Professur für Intelligente Biosignalverarbeitung Professorship (W3) for Intelligent Biosignal Processing
am Institut für Signalverarbeitung
- Bewerbungsfrist: 02.06.2022 -

W3-Professur für Hybride KI
am Institut für Softwaretechnik und Programmiersprachen
- Bewerbungsfrist: 02.06.2022 -

Stellenangebote / Job offers at the Institute for Software Engineering and Programming Languages (ISP)

The Institute of Software Engineering and Programming Languages (ISP), University of Lübeck, is currently looking for talented PhD students and PostDocs with a particular focus on Software Engineering in the context of several research projects.

The current projects comprise:

KI-BioSense - Food quality monitoring in supply chain using biosensors and AI

The project aims to use AI together with fluorescence spectroscopy to provide the necessary framework for monitoringfood quality. We suppose to use distributed ledgers to provide a tamperproof database so the consumer can be certain about the data related to the product. 

MASIRI - Multi-Agent-Simulation of Intelligent Resource Regulation in Integrated Energy and Mobility

The project explores the influence of Human Behavior on Mobility and Energy Use. It aims to research human behavior and physical components to process this knowledge in form of a multi-agent simulation, to ensure an intelligentresource allocation.

MCEA - Medical Cause and Effects Analysis

This project focuses on the research on medical expert systems. It aims to include multi-disciplinary knowledge into expert system and extend it through machine learning algorithms. It aims for the combination of symbolic and sub-symbolic AI.


This project aims to establish an AI ecosystem, in particular based on clinical use cases. We build up an efficient HPCinfrastructure, integrating it in the complex software platform for development of AI-based systems. Further on we plan to establish a physical lab to demonstrate and research on such topics as Deployment of AI-based systems, Digital Twin, 5G technologies, autonomous systems. Several positions are available in this context.


The PhD students or PostDocs are expected to drive the corresponding research projects according to scientific standards. Publications on the corresponding research topics are expected.

Applicants are expected to have:

  • Master degree / PhD in Computer science
  • good computing background
  • Background in formal methods is a plus
  • Strong background in practical software engineering areas: software architecture, web-based systems, software development, project management
  • Strong interest in research
  • Proven writing skills through published scientific articles or proposal applications
  • Ability and enthusiasm to learn new concepts and technical skills rapidly
  • Excellent knowledge of English is a prerequisite. Mastering German is a plus.


The PhD / PostDoc positions are contract appointments starting with two years, renewable depending on performance. Salary will be according to E-13 TV-L West tariff category (full time basis).


The positions are available now. Please contact me (leucker(at)isp.uni-luebeck(dot)de) in case you are interested in one of the positions. Please add a  full CV, a motivation letter stating the project you are interested in and your competences, list of your grades and copy of your Master/PhD thesis and I wil come back to you with details on the application process.


If you have any questions about the project, required background, the position itself or application process please contact me, Prof. Dr. Martin Leucker (ISP): leucker(at)isp.uni-luebeck(dot)de

Prof. Dr. Martin Leucker

Institute for Software Engineering and Programming Languages
Building MFC II
Maria-Goeppert-Str. 3
23562 Lübeck

E-Mail:  office(at)isp.uni-luebeck(dot)de
Phone:  +49 451 3101-6501

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