Master thesis and colloquium

The master's thesis work is conducted in the 4th semester, when the student has successfully gathered a minimum of 70 credit points and finished both internships. The thesis work must be officially registered (registration form) with the examination office and from this point in time, the student is given a maximum of six month to complete her/his work and hand in the thesis! Only in exceptional cases and upon official request (application form) can an extension of one month be granted.

The topic of the master's thesis must be linked to the content of the IB studies. If in doubt, the student should contact the chairman of the examination committee. Topics for the master's theses can be requested from teachers (professor or privat dozent) under contract with the University of Lübeck. This person will also be the official supervisor and first examiner. The thesis work may also be conducted at external institutions and companies (approval form, mandatory) and the external supervisor may act as second examiner (the student has to identify and ask a teacher under contract with the University of Lübeck to act as the official supervisor and first examiner before commencing the work!).

The master thesis work includes a final colloquium. Thesis and final colloquium are assessed/graded by two examiners; the official supervisor and a second person (official teacher of the University or the external supervisor if qualified). The colloquium and the grading must have taken place, the latest, one month after the official submission of the thesis work at the examination office.