Programme Syllabus

Master Program

The program syllabus Master MLS from WS23

The program syllabus gives an overview of the courses that should be completed in the individual semesters. The blue modules are compulsory modules, the orange modules are compulsory elective modules. The choice begins in the first weeks of the semester. In addition, the ECTS points and the type and scope of the courses are indicated. For detailed information on the courses, please refer to the module guide.

Curriculum start in winter
Curriculum start in summer

Master program: Start WS 2018/19

You will find all modules beside. The obligate moduls are blue coulored. The orange moduls do have two to three choises and will be choosen during the first week of each semester.

You are free to start in winter or summer.  But you have to pass the most moduls of the first and second semester, including LS4010 and LS4030 before starting LS5111 Practical Courses and LS5200 Consolidation Courses.

Starting in summer semester see the following curriculum: start in summersemester

Details of the modules you will find in the curriculum.

Student Advisor

Dr. Thorsten Biet
Studiengangskoordination MLS

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