Career opportunities

The Master Program in Infection Biology prepares for a career in science as well as in clinical and pharmaceutical research and development, university teaching and education.

Graduates are also trained in applied areas such as diagnostics, surveillance and epidemiology of infectious diseases as well as health care policy.

For a career in academia or in a company, the Master diploma should be complemented by a doctoral thesis, for which excellent conditions are offered by the institutes of our university and the Research Center Borstel.

A Master or PhD supplemented by additional courses and 2 to 3 years job/work experience in handling human pathogens and GMOs is a prerequisite for applying for the socalled competence ("Sachkunde") with the appropriate authorities. The competence is needed in order to be appointed Projectleader according to the Genetic Safety Regulations (GenTSV).

Research involving human pathogens and GMOs is stricktly regulated by the Gene Engineering Act, the Protection against Infection Act and Labor Protection: The Genetic Safety Regulations (GenTSV), the Ordinance on Chemical Agents (GefStoffV), the Ordinance on Biological Agents (BioStoffV), Technical Rules (TRBA) and the Animal Pathogen Ordinance (TierSeuchERV) all apply. Work with GMOs and human pathogens requires prior notification of and official permission from the appropriate authorities/ministery.