Computational Life Science

Profile of the Master’s programme in CLS

Your door opener to the world of science

If you do well in your bachelor’s programme, whether at the Universität zu Lübeck or elsewhere, you should consider getting a master’s degree. With a bachelor’s degree, you can get a foot in the door of an enterprise and rise up the ladder – but a master’s degree offers the space you need to unfold skills of relevance for a lasting career. Students in the master’s programme acquire specialised, in-depth knowledge that goes way beyond Wikipedia and standard textbooks.

Our master’s degree in Computational Life Science at the Universität zu Lübeck is research driven. This is an automatic door opener into the world of science and a prerequisite for a doctorate. During this programme, you will be almost at the heart of the research and the chances are high that you could present the results of a good master’s thesis at a symposium or publish them in a professional journal.

Student Advisor:

PD Dr. Hanns-Martin Teichert
Studienkoordinator MML
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Prestin
Prüfungsausschuss­vorsitzender Bachelor und Master MML

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