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Robots and autonomous systems are currently revolutionizing production processes all around the world. Specific to Germany, politicians, science and practitioners coined the term Industry 4.0 to reflect that automation is reaching entirely new heights, is becoming increasingly interconnected and production facilities are designed to cooperate with humans in the loop. Even at home, robotic solutions advance and autonomously acting assistance and support systems are ready to be marketed. If you want to do more than merly observe how the world is changing all around us, you are more than welcome to join us at the University of Lübeck. Take responsibility and design the future!

"If you want to do more than merely observe how the world is changing all around us, you are more than welcome to join us!"

The Bachelor's and Master's program "Robotics and Autonomous Systems" are consecutive and designed for students that thrive in an environment with interdisciplinary tasks anywhere between physics, mathematics, computer science and mechanical as well as electrical engineering. Advanced courses in mathematics and physics from school are no prerequisite, but we expect you to be excited about technical and societal challenges as well as their solution designed with the toolset that are robotics and autonomous systems.

In times, in which technology prospers and global knowledge increases at an increasingly rapid pace, a solid foundation is paramount to developing the skills necessary to quickly master new methods and techniques. This is why in this course we focus on teaching you these core competencies. In addition to electrical and mechanical fundamentals, emphasis is put on the processing of complex interconnections and large quantities of data. To facilitate the breadth in your education, students can choose from a wide range of electives from medical engineering, computer science, life science and ethics.

The University of Lübeck is successful in robotics research since many years. The establishment of a new bachelor's program rooted in robotics - currently the only one of its kind in Germany - is a consistent advancement of the university's educational portfolio. Engaging students in active research areas such as medical robotics, unmanned underwater vehicles, service- and rehabilitation robotics as well as medical technology already during their bachelor studies is a further argument for joining us right away!

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