The exams of the MINT-study courses are centrally organized. A regular and successful participation in the teaching modules, apart from the self-study, is strongly recommended as a solid preparation for the examinations. The total amount of time allocated to a written examination is usually between 60 and 180 minutes (Examination Regulations). An overview of all exams (including time slot) can be found here. For detailed information about date/time and place consult the UnivIS.

Repetition of exams

In case of a failed examination (written or oral), the exam can be repeated up to two times only. The re-examination date, participation is obligatory for those that already failed once, will be announced in due time, and if you fail the second time*, you have to take the exam a year later. Not showing up at the re-examination for the second try will be graded as a fail (unless ill and in this case please bring/send/show an offical doctor's attestation to the Students Service Center as soon as possible).

*Anyone who has failed an examination for the second time is required to make an appointment with the Examination Committee within one month after receipt of the result.